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Engage Your Customers Through Email Marketing

The issues associated with email marketing are a significant barrier to your business when you want to reach more prospects for your business. This might be a painful statement to make but one can agree that it can be a headache when trying to build an online presence via email marketing only to find that your emails go to the spam folders of your prospects. Even the well designed and well written emails can end up in spam.

Engage your customers with your product and services through Emails.

So before you consider email marketing as a medium to reach your customers and potential customers, maybe its best to step back and look at exactly what you are looking for an email marketing campaign to do for you and your business and evaluate whether the investment is worth the hassle. Some reasons businesses utilize email marketing are as follows:

To generate enthusiasm for online promotions.
To make product announcements and build customer awareness of new products and services.
To generate interest in special promotions designed to stimulate sales.
To evangelize new customers and build our online marketing program.
To maintain open communications with our customers.
To solicit feedback from the customer base.
To encourage referrals.
To repair relationships after service calls or returns and to rebuild customer confidence.
For mass mailings to create a new wave of sales and to grow your online market niche.

When using email marketing to gain new customer contacts particularly through broadcast mailings, you face an uphill battle to open the doors of email deliverability with dozens if ISPs and to learn up to date email deliverability “tricks of the trade” so your email doesn’t get discarded with hundreds of other broadcast mailings which qualify as spam. This mass mailing solicitation already has a low percentage of return on investment before the email deliverability problem came up, the investment in solving the deliverability problem for mass mailing emails may just not be worth the effort.

However, do not be discouraged by this, Busy2Tweet is here to assist you with your email marketing campaign. Contact us today so we can discuss the way forward with your business email campaign.